tourmoncul asked:
Excellent talent. Wonderfull realistic drawings. Did you studied art?

hello thanks for your time ,and no I never studied art,everything in my life is self taught (especially based on mistakes) I have serious problems with schools

do you recognize her? not be the last illustration about her and the movie,I have some projects on the way 

Alex Delarge Drawing (sick in the gulliver) : trying to do some realism in a small format (5.5 inches) 6b & 8b pencils for all Kubrick and Clockwork Orange droogies 

drawing some realism in 5.5 inches. “I had someting of a pain in the gulliver so had to sleep”

Anonymous asked:
I just wondering how old are you? if not inconvenient to ask.

No,it’s ok, 30 I’m too old !!!

Alien Head