I used to wonder as would be the supposed reality if I being in someone’s mind(if this mind leave for a while the ego)and I was waiting and waiting,I am not treated as I deserve,and so I found the law of unfair,
but I'm waiting for a prefabricated reality,
and I'm still waiting from more than 7000 millions of humans,if you found a human being who treats you sometimes well,you´re a fucking lucky bastard,I found animals,they dont judge,knows no evil,knows no good,knows no ego,knows no grudge,so animals tolerates me,even when this recently writes is plagued by my ego,SHE deserves the best ,no my ego, she doesn’t deserve to eat the same shit every day (derserve all the pasta  every day) happy birthday to us I love her miserably(ohhh the rest of the dog gang are probably wintering)


Saturn’s rings at maximum tilt toward Earth, March 2003, allowing the Hubble Space Telescope to get a rare glimpse of its southern hemisphere. (HubbleSite)

24 June 1947 The day on wich the Lams arrived  (just having fun with watercolors )

I can’t fucking wait for this november 10,can’t fucking wait to hear “Talking Hawking”,can’t fucking wait for the last Rick Wright recordings :,)

inking … again

Alien Head